ICTn offer full MIS implementation and support through our trusted partners. We can offer SIMS support and a fully hosted SIMS solution or transition schools to an alternative MIS provider.

SIMS support

We have offered SIMS support in schools for over twenty five years and currently support over 600 schools. They can offer full SIMS and FMS support. Entrust are based in their new purpose built premises in Stafford and offer full SIMS and FMS support.They can provide full unlimited telephone, remote and on-site SIMS support with priority disaster recovery of your SIMS system to get you back up and running if the worst happens.

Hosted options

Are your staff spending endless amounts of time configuring, updating or administering SIMS?

Scomis can reduce the amount of time spent administering SIMS through the Scomis Hosted Application Service. This is a managed solution that enables Scomis to host SIMS and FMS data for schools, as well as perform SIMS backups and upgrades for you. Scomis Hosted Application Service (including SIMS) extends the managed service provision to schools, leaving you to get on with your key role of using SIMS to support the education of your pupils. As there is no need for the school to run upgrades and patches, efficiency of school staff is improved. Workstations do not need upgrading so often, as lower specification workstations will work fine with the Scomis Hosted Application Service.